Monday, May 21, 2007

An event for communications, marketing and sales professionals

We're hosting an Expert Series event next Thursday about how to Prove Your Strategic Value with Effective Media Measurement.

We'll have the agency perspective from Hotwire PR and the customer perspective from AEGON, as well as Alan Scott and Chris Shaw from Dow Jones.

The second stream focuses on Aligning Marketing with Sales:The Key to Customer Focus. Speakers from Dow Jones, and Jennifer Kirkby, Consulting Editor at will share their views on how to get closer to your customers to drive revenue growth and retention.

It's shaping up to a be a great event. You can register here to attend.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

The new rules of PR and the new rules of book launches

Further to my last post about the Gobbledygook Manifesto, David has taken the somewhat progressive step of using his blog to do a virtual acknowledgement of everyone that provided input and commentary to the book.

It's already generating comments on the post, and I bet we're all thinking, "gawd, why didn't I think of that". What a fab way to launch a book and get the word out. We'll all no doubt eagerly read our free copy of the book and blog about it, and whooosh - there's a global viral marketing campaign in action.

Hats of to the true blog marketing guru!

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