Thursday, August 03, 2006

Who Moved my Blackberry?

Absolutely hysterical holiday reading was Who Moved My Blackberry by the FT's columnist, Lucy Kellaway.

I loved Lucy's observations about life in a global organisation from the perspective of one Martin Lukes, marketing director extraordinaire. The story is entirely fictional, but could be true of any large company - the politics, the office romances, the backstabbing, gossiping, email overload and powerpointization of the world. It also presented a pretty amusing picture of technology and "being connected 24*7", via Mr Luke's inbox, Blackberry and mobile phone. Beware of the rogue child who steals your Blackberry!

Interestingly, as I was reading the book and journeying through the stunning Croatian country-side last week, my Blackberry beeped, and a Factiva news alert came in. It was a profile about Lucy in The Independent, Lucy Kellaway: My Life In Media. Nice to know that she references Factiva...

Do you consult any media sources during the working day?
As I make up most of the things I write about I exist in a bubble of ignorance. I do check Google, Factiva and occasionally.


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