Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The dilemma of an Aussie who drew Brazil

Despite mentioning last month that I am less than enthusiastic about soccer (I mean football…I’m an Aussie, what else can I say!), and the hysteria that is the World Cup, I decided to play in our World Cup office sweepstake.

As I randomly drew the envelope that held the team I was about to start barracking for, I visualised GREEN AND GOLD and the Socceroos scoring their way to World Cup victory.

But out popped another nation for which green and gold is important.


And therein lies my dilemma. Brazil the favourites vs my home team. The one good thing is that my green and gold boxing kangaroo flags will sort of serve both teams, while most probably annoying all of my British friends and colleagues.

It’s interesting to see who, according to Factiva Insight, the UK media rates as favourites to win the World Cup – Brazil, England and Germany. The Australian media ranks Brazil, Argentina and then England. To count as a hit in this chart, the country named had to be mentioned within 4 words of the word “favourite”. Quite surprisingly, the Australian media doesn’t rank Australia as a favourite at all…but then we thrive on underdog status, which is clearly where it all went pearshaped in the last Ashes series.

So I guess I will now be barracking for two teams…Brazil for the grand prize of the sweepstake, and Australia for national pride.

PS. As an update to my earlier post, The Rooney Metatarsal and Kewell Groin have more than doubled their media presence in the last 3 weeks, with a staggering 2100+ articles and 500+ articles respectively. WHAT is this world coming to?


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