Thursday, February 23, 2006

Farewell to a great leader - Clare Hart moves to Dow Jones

It's not everyday in PR that you have to issue a press release that announces the departure of a senior executive - let alone the CEO of the company. But that's what we did yesterday, fortunately under very positive circumstances.

Our CEO, Clare Hart is leaving her role at Factiva to join Dow Jones as Executive Vice President Dow Jones and President, Dow Jones Enterprise Media Group. She will also become Chair of Factiva's Board. Claude Green, our current Deputy CEO will become Interim CEO until a successor is found.

Within Factiva, it's clear that Clare has had a tremendous impact on creating not only the commercial success the company has enjoyed in its 7-year history, but the vibrant, dynamic culture that streams throughout Factiva's 42 offices worldwide. One of the most consistent observations I’ve heard from colleagues, is about how Clare walks into any Factiva office and knows virtually every employee by name. If she doesn't know someone, she introduces herself to them. With some 800 employees companywide, it's an impressive effort.

It has been a privilege to work with a leader who is so highly respected by employees and customers, media and analysts, partners and the broader business community around the world. From a PR perspective, it certainly makes my job easier! I sincerely hope our next CEO is as “PR-friendly”.

We will all miss Clare, but are equally excited about her success and her new role at Dow Jones. Best of luck Clare!


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