Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Factiva Search 2.0 is launched!

It's all go here today! We're launching a preview of our awesome new search functionality, Factiva Search 2.0 to our 1.8 million subscribers. We claim that Factiva Search 2.0 improves the way business information is found and understood. And it really does!

If I need quick facts about Tony Blair, a search in Factiva Search 2.0 instantly reveals the news today that police foiled an attempted kidnapping of his son. The left hand section of the search results returns a list of headlines from Factiva's collection of highly credible news sources. Over on the right hand side of the screen, the really cool stuff kicks in.

Charts show me the media references about Tony Blair in recent weeks, and I can click onto any of the columns to see related news items for that week.

The News clusters functionality actually discovers terms that are most frequently used in conjunction with the main search term, so if I was not aware of the kidnapping story, it would instantly highlight that to me.

In the same search, Factiva Search 2.0 provides me with a list of companies and industries most frequently associated with the search term "Tony Blair". I notice that the BBC gets the most mentions in the last 90 days, followed by Lloyds of London and Rolls-Royce Group. If I were the PR Manager for those companies, I'd be clicking into those charts to investigate further.

Factiva Search 2.0, as some of our early users have pointed out, is highly addictive. For news junkies and PR types, its an awesome research tool. It can provide quick snippets for pitches, background research on virtually any topic, and the charts provide a quick "pulse" to identify what really is going on in the news.

Stay tuned for more snippets out of Factiva Search 2.0!


Anonymous Steven James said...

Interesting, but they are way behind Silobreaker ( in price, tools, usability and focus. And Silobreaker is much more focused to business as I understand.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Melanie Surplice said...

Hi Steven,

I haven't previously heard of Silobreaker, but the website seems to indicate it's a recent start-up.

We count amongst our customers, 80% of the global Fortune 500 companies, who all rely on Factiva for business search and Factiva's global business content collection - so I would argue that Factiva is solidly focused on the business market.

I would be more than happy to provide you with a trial ID so you can check out Search 2.0 for yourself.

best regards,

8:59 AM  

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