Thursday, December 01, 2005

Clare Hart wins 2005 New York Ten Award

Last week, Clare Hart, Factiva's CEO was named a winner of The New York Ten Awards™, an annual award recognizing ten leaders in the greater New York business community who have, through their innovation, significantly impacted their organizations and industries.

The word "innovation" can be overused - some 1,320,716 articles in reference the term.

When I think about the products that Factiva launched this year under Clare's guidance - amongst others, Factiva Salesworks, Factiva Companies & Executives, an enhanced Factiva Public Figures & Associates, the entire Factiva Insight suite, including Factiva Insight: Reputation Intelligence - which we're now using to monitor and manage Factiva's PR activities across mainstream media, websites and blogs - I can't help but feel proud to work for a company that places such high importance on innovation, and whose CEO is recognised at something like the Ten Awards for such a focus on innovation. Congratulations Clare!


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