Friday, January 13, 2006

Will it be the Year of the Blog?

While debates rage as to whether blogs represent a true opportuity or threat to communications professionals, the blogosphere continues to grow at staggering speed - Factiva launched a couple of series of whitepapers around blogs. The first explores how public relations and marketing professionals use blogs to research and understand how the market perceives their company and products.

The second white paper looks at the creation of blogs by organizations as a way to contribute to the worldwide online conversation. It covers how public relations and marketing professionals write blogs themselves or encourage subject-matter experts in their organisations to do so.

One subject-matter expert, our CEO Clare Hart, has just launched her own blog, From the Hart. She'll be looking at the world of enterprise information and search. We're really looking forward to seeing how this evolves into a communication vehicle via which Clare can share her expertise, comment on the market and engage with Factiva's publics. Check it out!


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